Our Advertising Approach

All our advertising campaigns use the following concepts to maximize results.

Experience and Emotion

Customers purchase based on personal experiences and emotions. These can be of their own or others. 

Call to Action

We believe in an immediate call to action. Have you ever learned of a new business but not walked in the doors for 2 years, if ever? That is not what we want for your business!

Word of Mouth

Not only will you have the APP working for you, we utilize review features and are out in the community daily recommending your business!

Flood the Market

We are well versed in all forms of advertising and utilize those that will benefit our participating businesses the most.

Customer Admiration

Our members know that our business membership dues are used as fundraisers creating an admiration from your community.

Storytelling and Brand Personalization 

 Telling your story in small, digestible moments while giving your brand a personality to stand out from others in your industry.

Coming Soon

More aspects to be added SOON! Stay tuned for a unique opportunity.